Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a radon test included with the home inspections?

A. No, but a radon test can be added to the inspection for $125.00.

Q. Do I need to set up the inspection with my realtor?

A. No, I will schedule the appointment with Book-a-Showing. When I get a confirmation for the inspection I will send you an email confirming the date and time.

Q. How do you get into the home?

A. I will receive a notice from Book-a-Showing with a lock box combination. If it is an electronic lock box I have an electronic supra key to get in.

Q. How much does an inspection cost?

A. My fees are listed on the Inspection Fees tab on this website.

Q. How long does an inspection take?

A. I typically spend two and one-half to three hours at the house. Another two to three hours is spent putting the report together.

Q. Can I be there for the inspection?

A. Yes, you can be there for the whole two and one-half to three hours. Or you can come for the last 30 minutes and I will do a walkthrough of the findings.

Q. Can I bring my kids or parents to the inspection?

A. Yes, I welcome anyone you would like to bring.

Q. Do you get on the roof?

A. As long as it is safe for me, I will get on the roof.

Q. When will I receive the home inspection report?

A. The report will be emailed to you by 5 p.m. the next day.

Q. Do you do mold testing?

A. Yes, I can perform mold testing. However, if I can find the moisture that is causing the mold I will usually recommend against a mold test. I will then instruct you on how to fix the problem.

Q. Do you test for asbestos in vermiculite?

A. No I do not gather samples for testing. The EPA states that if you have vermiculite you should treat it as if it contains asbestos and do not disturb it. If you would like to know for sure there are companies that can test for asbestos.